How to Treat Acne

Female treating facial acne | How to treat AcneBefore we get into How to Treat Acne I should really tell you that Acne can attack just about anyone at any age. However, it’s more common in young adults that are going through puberty. The reason for this is the dreaded hormones!

When you’re going through puberty, your hormones start raging about your body, and this can affect your skin.

It’s a common misconception that teenagers have spots because of poor diet which isn’t necessarily true. Hormones are also the reason why many women that are going through the menopause can suddenly start to suffer from acne, as can those that are pregnant.

Aside from hormones, there are many other reasons you may be looking at how to treat acne. You may not realize it, but you could be “over-cleansing” and this can make your spots worse. Stress is also known to cause outbreaks, and whilst we have touched on acne diet, if you spend your days eating high fat foods, and eating or drinking anything that’s high in sugar, it certainly won’t help the health of your skin.

If you think you might be suffering and want to know natural cures for acne, your first step should be to see a doctor or dermatologist. These are the only professionals that can confirm you are indeed suffering with acne, and not some other sort of skin disorder. There are many problems with the skin that causes spots so, make sure you have it confirmed before you try to treat it.

What Your Doctor Will Recommend

How to treat acne methods can be a little tricky. Everyone’s skin is different, and it will react differently to certain drugs. It also depends on how severe the problem is. It could be that you just have a few pimples that can be treated easily with a medicated cream. However, in its most severe form, this problem can be very painful to the point where scarring eventually occurs.

Your doctor will assess the situation and may give you a prescription for drugs that can be taken orally, or skin creams and lotions you can apply directly. These will help to keep the spots under control, and if taken as directed, should reduce the number of times you suffer an outbreak.

Whilst we all rely on doctors to keep us well, not everyone is happy about constantly applying products that contain ingredients we can barely pronounce, let alone know what they do. For this reason, in the following few words, we aim to give you some information on how to treat acne naturally.

Daily Skin Routine

Face wash routine | Getting rid of Acne NaturallyContrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t wash your skin anymore than someone who doesn’t suffer with acne. If you do, this will irritate the skin, cause dryness and will eventually strip your skin of the vitamins and minerals it needs.

You should only wash morning and night. The difference for you is the products you use. One way on how to treat acne is to make sure you stay away from perfumes, and any other ingredients that can irritate your skin. In fact, the more natural, the better. Many herbal stores sell soaps and lotions formulated for acne that are not abrasive on the skin, but will help to keep your spots under control.

If you wear make-up, keep this to a minimum and if foundation is something you can’t do without make sure it’s water based, and wash it off the minute you get home. Many people use this as a cover-up for spots, but it’s not good for your skin. Some ingredients used block the pores causing more spots, so it can end up being a bit like a “gerbil on a wheel”, if you have a severe form and are looking at how to treat acne its best to avoid make-up altogether for a while.

How to Treat Acne Naturally

Below are is a small selection of all natural face masks you can use:

  • Cucumber – Simply mash one cucumber and strain the water from it. Apply this to your skin to help make it smoother. Cucumber has a cooling effect on dry and irritable skin.
  • Natural Honey – Honey has many healing properties and because it’s sticky, it will help to clean your pores as well as create a barrier. Simply leave it for 30 minutes and wash with cool water.
  • Oatmeal – When mixed with baking soda and a little water, this makes for a paste that will help soothe your skin and clear spots. Apply it to your skin, rub GENTLY and rinse with water.

Other Ways on Natural Cures for Acne

Another natural acne treatment advice is to take a strong multi-vitamin. This will boost your immune system, and your skin will be able to fight bacteria much better.

Take a Chromium supplement. This is excellent at healing the skin, and will prevent further breakouts. Vitamin A, which is available in abundance in carrots, is a powerful antioxidant and will help reduce the amount of sebum (the reason why many of us suffer with acne), you produce. It will also help to repair the tissue that has been damaged by spots.

Finally, if you’re looking at natural cures for acne DO NOT pop your pimples. The bacteria released will spread, and you’ll probably end up with more spots.

How to Treat Acne – a Cure!

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