How to Avoid Pimples

Female with mirror | Getting rid of acne FastEveryone wants beautiful and clear skin, but not all of us are aware of How to Avoid Pimples simply because we don’t know why they appear in the first place. That’s where this article can help. We intend to give you some solid advice on how to prevent pimples, and keep your skin as clear as it was when you were a baby!

Getting Rid Of Pimples and Your Diet

Many people don’t realize that diet plays a very important role when you’re trying to get rid of pimples. Your skin is one of the largest organs in your body, and what you eat will affect the health of your skin. Below, you will find some information on what you should and shouldn’t eat and drink when looking at how to avoid pimples.

  • DO drink lots of pure water. The medical profession recommends that you drink between 6 and 8 glasses a day and this will help to keep your skin hydrated.
  • DO NOT eat loads of food that’s high in fat, and sugar. Not only will this cause weight gain, it will not help if you’re looking at natural remedies for acne. These foods contain a lot of ingredients that can cause your skin to become greasy, and when this happens, your pores will become blocked which is what causes pimples.
  • DO eat plenty of fruit and vegetables that contain Vitamin C. Good examples of these are oranges, raw broccoli and red peppers, kiwi fruit and grapefruit. Vitamin C is great for your skin and this one good way on how to cure pimples.
  • DO NOT drink lots of alcohol or caffeine, this will dehydrate your skin, and you will end up with spots as a result.

How to Avoid Pimples and your Daily Hygiene Routine

Skin care | How to prevent pimplesKeeping your skin clean is an obvious one when you’re looking at natural acne treatments, and washing your face is important, but how you do this is even more important. You should, of course, wash your face morning and night, but there are a couple of things to consider.

Firstly you shouldn’t use soaps that are harsh, or include ingredients that can cause inflammation. Instead, use a gentle cleanser that’s kind to your skin. If you already have spots and want to know how to treat pimples you should know that the bacteria on your hands could be the cause, so make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your face.

You should also make sure you don’t use abrasive sponges or cloths, this might feel better, but it will make inflammation worse. Instead use a soft cloth, or just clean hands. Make sure you rinse thoroughly with warm (not hot) water, and pat your face dry with a clean towel. Once you’ve finished with the towel pop it in the laundry basket. This will help to stop the spread of bacteria.

When you’ve finished cleaning your face, it’s a good idea to use a gentle moisturizer to help keep your skin hydrated, and the same rule applies here as with soap. Use products that are as natural as possible, and when you apply it, be gentle.

After you’ve moisturized, you can also use a toner, rose water is one the best toners you can use because it’s natural, cheap to buy, and very effective when getting rid of acne.

Aside from taking care of your skin using the tips above, another way on how to avoid pimples is to wash your hair daily. The reason for this is your hair will produce oils that can get on to your face, and in turn, will cause your skin pores to become blocked.

A Few Final Words on Treatment for Pimples

how to avoid pimples | Treatment for pimplesIf you think popping spots is a good way on how to avoid pimples, think again! This will only make things worse. When you release the bacteria in a pimple, it’s very difficult to stop it from spreading. Whilst the pimple you’ve popped “might” clear up, you’ll probably get more in other places as a result.

You should also try to avoid touching your face with your hands. Our hands get up to all sorts through the day, and they pick up lots of bacteria, so if you’re looking for ways on how to avoid spots, keep your hands away from your face unless they’re properly cleaned first.

Yet another piece of advice on treatment for pimples is to make sure you keep up your daily cleansing routine even if your skin is clear. Spots are an inflammatory problem so you’ll always be at risk. If you want to make sure that you’re not constantly looking for ways on how to avoid pimples, keep your cleansing regime the same, no matter what.

If you follow some of the advice, and tips on how to avoid pimples in this article, you will be well on the way to finally having the clear skin you’ve always wanted. If you’re really suffering, remember there is help out there, and you’re not the only one that has this problem.

We know from experience how something like this can affect your self-esteem simply because of where the spots appear, but it’s not a problem that cannot be controlled. Just remember to try not to stress (this WILL make it worse), and follow some the advice given here.

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Conclusion on How to Avoid Pimples

If you’ve read this far, and are still at the end of your tether because you’ve tried all the tips above on how to avoid pimples, it’s time to see your doctor. There could be a myriad of reasons why your spots have not cleared up so it’s a good idea to seek some medical advice on treatment for pimples. There are many prescription strength products that can be used in conjunction with the advice given here, and your doctor will be able to give you information on the best ones to suit your skin. For more useful information on how to prevent pimples please watch this video: [youtube][/youtube]

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